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About Best Brands Group

Best Brands Group is one of the largest suppliers of contracts for difference (CFD), and offers trading functions of stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options and indices together with an innovative trading technology.

Who we are

Best Brands Group currently offers a portfolio of over 2100 instruments to over one million customers, making it the fastest growing CFD provider in Europe and Asia.

Why choose Best Brands Group?


We are clear to our customers on how much they get and how much they pay. We do not pay commissions to our suppliers and as a result our customers do not pay commissions. It is what we expect from our suppliers, it is what our customers get from us.


Our product has been created with greater security to ensure safe and continuous trading. It is what we expect from our suppliers, it is what our customers get from us.


Best Brands Group is managed by a dynamic group of programmers, with the highs, lows, successes and failures, just like everyone else. Believe in yourself, don’t change and keep going. It is what we expect from our suppliers, it is what our customers get from us.

Get to know ours

Objectives and Vision

Best Brands Group has established strong foundations from which it is well placed for future growth. Best Brands Group’s strategic priorities differentiate today, and will continue to differentiate, Best Brands Group from its competitors and are fundamental to Best Brands Group’s future success.
Be the global CFD provider # 1 continuing to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, and attracting new and existing customers.
Best Brands Group marketing has been and will continue to be the driving force behind the growth of new customers in Best Brands Group’s current markets and potential new jurisdictions.
These innovative marketing initiatives allow Best Brands Group to distribute targeted marketing resources and develop highly effective marketing campaigns by monitoring and controlling the cost for customer acquisition based on data analysis tools and proprietary algorithms.
The consistent concentration of Best Brands Group in innovation, better user experience in the sector and a wide offer are the key elements of the growing activity of customers active in the trading platform. Best Brands Group’s continued emphasis on innovation will allow it to continue to be among the first in the market to launch new tools that customers deem beneficial, such as a high profile, new listed shares.
Best Brands Group intends to increase its market share in the jurisdictions in which its offer is currently available and to expand its geographical range over time by entering new jurisdictions in which it currently has no customers and focusing on acquiring new customers from markets. Regulated, especially new customers residing in Western European states.

Since its inception, Best Brands Group has placed a significant emphasis on its technological advantage and continuous innovation.
The company understands the need to develop and distribute new and innovative financial instruments in the context of its strategy to continue building a loyal and committed customer base.
Best Brands Group is a leader in the CFD sector in mobile innovation and customer satisfaction.

Most important stages

Best Brands Group was founded in 2008. The trading platform allows customers to trade on share price movements, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, forex, ETFs and options without having to buy or sell the underlying instrument.

  • 2008 – The original Best Brands Group Group is founded, with the launch of its PC-based online computerized trading platform.
  • 2009 – The Best Brands Group Group offers CFDs on shares with no charge.
  • 2010 -Best Brands Group launches a web version, allowing Mac, Linux and smartphone users to trade online.
    Best Brands Group introduces ETFs to its trading portfolio.
  • 2011 – Best Brands Group launches the first iPhone and iPad application that allows customers full control when on the move.
    Best Brands Group expands its international portfolio with the offer of over 1000 different shares from a wide range of global markets.
  • 2012 – The Best Brands Group introduces its application for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • 2014 – the market valuation of Best Brands Group in the AIM sector of the London Stock Exchange reaches the value of USD 1,000 million.
    Best Brands Group introduces a ‘Guaranteed Stop’ feature.
  • 2015 – An App for Windows is added to existing apps for Android and iOS.
  • 2016 – Best Brands Group adds CFDs to Options and introduces the rollover function.

  • 2018 – The ordinary shares of Best Brands Group are listed for trading on the Main Market of Listed Companies of the London Stock Exchange.
  • 2019 – Best Brands Group adds a wide range of advanced graphical features for technical analysis, including many indicators and drawing tools.